About me

Berco Balogh vocal phenomenon is certainly allowed to influence the supremely tasteful music in the entire width of Personalities from the world singing George Benson Al Jarreaua to Frank Sinatra or Michael Bolton. Above all, thanks to his kind of talent and sensitive perception of music for twenty years as a fixed star moves on the Slovak music scene. Lacking in special gift of charisma and ability to put yourself wholly into the role of entertainer and so easy to get an audience's attention and patronage.

Baloghův artistic scattering has long crossed the boundaries of jazz and its orbit the singer repeatedly returns much protřelejší, newly inspired and full of enthusiasm. His musical career mapped cooperation with selected by the Czech and Slovak music - random VV Valovič system of government, Bee Connection Matus Jakabcic, Gustav Brom Orchestra - as well as numerous foreign involvement in almost all European countries. Jazz, however, remained the greatest love Balogh as appropriate attention to the care of her today


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